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London, UK, 27 October 2016

Cyber Breach Response Planning Podcast

Cyber Breach Response Planning Podcast
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In this short podcast Sarah Hewitt, a Director in insurance broker Arthur J. Gallagher’s Major Risks Practice, and Nick Bellamy of Chubb, a Senior INT Specialist with Chubb Risk Engineering Services discuss the importance of data breach response planning.

Cyber-attack is now a fact of business life – at some stage most businesses will have to deal with being attacked. The UK Government 2015 IS Breach Survey found that 90% of large and 74% of small businesses had a security breach in 2015.

Of paramount importance to a business is how quickly and effectively they can react. The aim of a breach response plan is to mitigate response times and control/reduce the impact of a breach.

The speed of response and effectiveness of actions taken following a breach are a window to a business and will dramatically affect how they are perceived in the aftermath.

Breach Response Planning is now a mission critical activity which will help you to comply with the legislative implications of the inevitable breach, protect your reputation and ensure business continuity to protect revenues.

Some of the areas discussed include:

  • Why does an organsiation need a breach response plan?
  • What does the UK regulatory landscape look like?
  • What kind of advice can be offered to help with the regulatory burden?
  • How important is breach response planning?
  • What should a breach response plan include?
  • What actions should the breach response team undertake for both breach containment, and notifications and communications?
  • What should the notification to individuals include?

To find out more please watch the video below:

If you found the content of this podcast useful an expanded seminar session was run by Sarah and Nick on this topic and can be accessed here.

The content of this webinar is for general information purposes. For more specific advice bespoke to your business, please contact Arthur J. Gallagher directly.

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