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London, UK, 18 May 2016

Webinar: Food Product Recall - The Legal and Operational Journey

Webinar: Food Product Recall - The Legal and Operational Journey
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In this latest webinar focused on the providing an overview of the Legal and Operational Journey for businesses faced with food product recall, we cover what are the main legal concerns that arise, what timeframes are involved, and what are the typical stages companies must go through.

This is the first issue of a three part series of Product Recall, Garry Moseley, Leader of the Food and Drink Manufacturing Practice in insurance brokers Arthur J. Gallagher’s Major Risks Practice and Malcolm Sheehan QC, of Henderson Chambers pool their years of experience to discuss the legal and operational journey manufactures must go through when faced with food product recall.

If you didn't manage to attend and you are interested in finding out more please watch the video.

There is also a written transcript, available here.

If you found the content of this video useful, then Food Product Recall Part 2, which focuses on the assessment stage issues, challenges and solutions and Food Product Recall Part 3, which discusses the claims preparation stage, key triggers and the journey to conclusion within the product recall process, are both available now.

The Food and Drink Practice have also produced a wealth of information around the issues facing food manufacturers - click here to find our more.

The content of this webinar is for general information purposes. For more specific advice bespoke to your business, please contact Arthur J. Gallagher directly.

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