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27 March 2017

Children's Safeguarding - Risk and Liability Management

Children's Safeguarding - Risk and Liability Management
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In the last few years we have witnessed a steep increase in the number of claims against Council’s alleging responsibility for the harm suffered by children because of a failure in the decisions, systems and procedures for children’s safeguarding.

Many of these claims are historical in nature dating back several decades, others are more contemporaneous. Harm suffered may relate to physical, emotional or sexual abuse at the hands of employees, by parents and other adults in the family home, by carers and predators in the wider community.

Child abuse claims are amongst the most distressing and challenging to address. Whilst there are no easy answers to mitigating risk in this complex area we know from our work with authorities who have had recent experience of managing such claims that taking a proactive, informed and collaborative approach will ensure -

  • A more efficient and effective response to claims which will reduce costs for the authority and importantly greatly ease the claims journey for the claimant seeking redress for harm suffered
  • Increased internal understanding of the risks and an ability to learn from mistakes to bring about improvements
  • A clear strategy for managing the risk to the Council where services have been outsourced
  • Increased confidence by external stakeholders such as regulators and insurance providers that risks have been identified, incurred incidents notified and risk management controls are in place.

Arthur J. Gallagher can assist authorities develop and implement strategies for managing children’s safeguarding risks

To assist authorities develop and implement strategies for managing children’s safeguarding risks, Arthur J. Gallagher can facilitate a workshop designed to raise understanding and improve collaboration between the many services and agencies involved when an abuse claim is made.

The approach includes involving representatives from the children’s services safeguarding team, risk and insurance, legal, information governance, media & communications and potentially the lead member for the service.

The workshop is highly interactive and based upon practical experiences of other authorities. It provides a real insight into the complex issues, risk and challenges that accompany abuse claims and encourages those attending to collaborate and respond more effectively.

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