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14 March 2017

Implementing the new highway code of practice

Implementing the new highway code of practice
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Well-Managed Highway Infrastructure [WMHI], the new highway code of practice, was published on 28th October 2016. It replaces the previous highway codes, including Well-Maintained Highways and Well-Lit Highways, with a single code focused on the need to promote an integrated approach to asset management that is based on local needs, priorities and affordability.

The underlying principle of the new code is that authorities should adopt a risk-based approach and a risk management regime, such as that set out within ISO31000, for all aspects of highway maintenance policy.

To underline this approach the new code does not provide any prescriptive or minimum standards, but instead expects each authority to establish and implement levels of service appropriate to their own circumstances and prioritised in accordance with their own assessment of the risk.

It is not a statutory document but its significance to the outcome of highway liability claims cannot be denied: this document will be referenced as the accepted and expected approach to highway asset management.


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