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10 July 2017

Joint Code Of Practice Fire Protection Course FOO

Joint Code Of Practice Fire Protection Course.
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The aim of the course is to give a clear explanation of this industry wide guidance on fire safety and how to comply.

Why should I attend this course?

The aim of the Arthur J. Gallagher Joint Code of Practice Course is to give a clear explanation of the principles set out in this initiative between the Construction Federation and the Insurance and Fire Prevention trades and how to apply them practically.

Many of the UK’s Contractors All Risks insurers apply the Joint Code of Practice to their client’s cover so it is important that all aspects of it are understood and implemented by the construction sector.


The course is based on the Ninth Edition of the Fire Prevention on Construction Sites document, and deals with the history of this collaboration, likely causes of fires on large construction sites, and the implications for commercial builders and the insurance industry.

Who is this course for?

It is designed for individuals who hold senior positions with responsibility for fire protection, prevention and evacuation procedures such as Directors, Contract Managers, Site Managers, Quantity Surveyors, Designers and others within the construction sector.

The course lasts approximately 3 hours. The exact duration depends on questions asked and concerns raised for discussion. The course is usually available to clients at your own premises however can be hosted at one of our offices if required.

Course Content

  • The history of large fire losses in the UK Construction sector leading to the creation of the first publication.
  • Understanding the critical role of the publication in the design phase of any contract.
  • Assessing what is considered to be a high fire risk within the Joint Code of Practice.
  • Being aware of the various formal roles created by the Joint code of Practice during the construction phase.
  • Understanding the dynamic nature of fire risk assessment and how it relates to a fire safety plan.
  • Identifying when and how fire detection, protection and warning systems can be introduced into the project.
  • Understanding the need to cooperate with the emergency services.
  • Considering ways of improving performance and record keeping systems.
  • Understanding the recommendations of the fourteen specific risk and control areas highlighted in the Joint Code.

If you are interested in this course, please contact your usual Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance Broker Consultant for further details.

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