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London, UK, 17 January 2017

Podcast: Contract Risk Management - An Insurance Perspective

Podcast: Contract Risk Management - An Insurance Perspective
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When you agree to undertake work, you (not your Insurers) will be forming a contract with your counterparty (e.g. employer) as defined by the terms of your appointment.

Insurance cover may vary across the insurance market according to industry views and experiences from year to year, but no insurance policy will cover every eventuality arising under a contract. As such there may be areas of exposure for which you are not covered by insurance.

In particular you will gain an understanding of how the following clauses can leave your business significantly exposed:

  • Express guarantees
  • Hold harmless clauses
  • Fitness for purpose guarantees
  • Extensions of duty of care
  • Clauses that can make you responsible for the mistakes of others and much more.

The full podcast is available to watch below:

For more information please download our flyer.pdf

The content of this webinar is for general information purposes. For more specific advice bespoke to your business, please contact Arthur J. Gallagher directly.

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