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London, UK, 20 February 2017

Regulation: In a global modern food system… FOO

Regulation: In a global modern food system…
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A new set of rules is on the horizon as the Food Standards Agency (FSA) gets underway with its restructure of food safety regulation in the UK in order to deliver on its strategic goal of ‘Food We Can Trust’ – an aim that should be applauded and welcomed by the consumer.

In an article produced for New Food Magazine Garry Moseley, Leader of Arthur J. Gallagher’s Food & Drink Practice discusses the implications of these standards on food manufacturers.

As the FSA itself has said, ensuring that food is both safe and what it purports to be, in a fast changing and uncertain world, requires a fundamental redesign of its regulatory role and the way regulation is delivered for the benefit of consumers. Its vision is to move to a risk-based approach in which “the costs to business from regulation are no more than they need to be”.

This regulatory rethinking is in direct recognition of the more complex, globalised nature of our food supply. The FSA has put pressure on our manufacturers, retailers, restaurateurs and importers to ensure the veracity of their supply chain coupled with the increasing demand for new foods and the entry of new suppliers, leading to concerns that advancement in business innovation is outdating the existing regulatory regime.

Read the full Regulation: In a global modern food system article here.

This article featured on page 60 of New Food Magazine, issue 1 2017.

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