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London, UK, 6 February 2017

The new era of cyber risk for manufacturers

The new era of cyber risk for manufacturers
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Connectivity offers tremendous potential for manufacturers. With it however, come new threats. Manufacturing companies have always been the leaders in adopting new technologies. They have embraced the connected world, which has brought great efficiencies and advances, but also significant and largely uninsured exposures.

This whitepaper explores the changing cyber environment in which manufacturers operate, the impact the industrial internet of things, corporate espionage, stolen innovation and cyber attacks resulting in physical damage can have on the industry. 

Many manufacturers have uninsured exposures, so it's time to take action and ensure that they have a cyber product fully encapsulates the unique cyber security risks facing the modern manufacturer, enabling genuine risk transfer of residual business risk for that worst case day.

To download the full whitepaper, click here: A new era of cyber risk for manufacturers

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