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12 March 2018

Ransomware attack in 600 minutes

Ransomware attack in 600 minutes
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The threat landscape is changing at a rapid rate, with 46% of all UK businesses identifying at least one cyber breach or attack in 2017.*

A ransomware attack can paralyze your operations, denying you access to your customer base, website and processes until payment is made or your files are deleted forever. These attacks can affect any business, anywhere, regardless of size or industry.

Our cyber team outlines a ransomware attack hour by hour, demonstrating just how quickly your business could succumb to an attack. Cyber-attacks can cause substantial financial and reputational damage, but there are ways to mitigate this risk. That’s why it also covers the importance of our cyber solution which, if an attack does occur, can help your business to recover as quickly as possible.


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