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  • 7 February 2018

    Protecting Your Business From Internal And External Fraud

    Fraud is one of the most common ways for a business to be scammed out of money and no matter the size of your business you can still find yourself a victim of fraud. Not only can fraud have serious financial implications, it can also impact your brand and reputation. In this bulletin, Gallagher explains the types of fraud that can affect your business, how to report instances of fraud and the kinds of insurance that can help your business recover should an incident occur.

    Group Fraud Protection
  • 6 February 2018

    GDPR and what it means for your organisation

    In view of the forthcoming GDPR legislation, coming into force in the UK on 25 May 2018, you will be aware that PSE Team at Gallagher has been regularly informing clients as to the implications of GDPR by way of our Bulletins and Seminars, which we hope you have found to be useful.

    GDPR and what it means for your organisation
  • 5 February 2018

    Gallagher's Commitment To GDPR Compliance

    With the introduction of GDPR moving ever closer, our clients have not just been asking for help with ensuring their business is compliant; many also want to know the steps Gallagher are taking to comply with GDPR. This update is designed to give you an overview of the main activities we are carrying out to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

    Gallagher's Commitment To GDPR Compliance
  • 30 January 2018

    Housing Association Cyber Risks

    Supermarket chain Morrisons has been found liable after a disgruntled employee leaked thousands of employee’s payroll data. Currently subject to an appeal, this case, the first of its kind in the UK, means that Morrisons will have to pay compensation to the affected employees.

    Housing Association Cyber Risks
  • 28 January 2018

    Financial Institutions Market Update 2018

    With approximately USD130Bn of catastrophe losses from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (HIM), 2017 may almost certainly prove to be the most expensive year on record for insurers.

    Financial Institutions Market Update January 2018
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