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  • 16 August 2015

    How grown up is your organisation in terms of risk maturity

    Are you a novice or do you fancy yourself as an expert? Find out now with  the summer issue of IRM's Charity newsletter.

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  • 11 August 2015

    Marine Hull & Machinery and War Risks Market Update – August 2015

    Welcome to the August 2015 edition of the Arthur J. Gallagher Marine Hull & Machinery and War Risks Market Update. With September renewals approaching the market will look to take stock over the summer months on what has largely been a period of further softening in the market. The insurance market conditions remain favourable for ship owners and will be some relief for those in areas which continue to struggle, especially the dry bulk sector which is still showing little sign of improvement.

    Marine Hull and Machinery Report August 2015
  • 4 August 2015

    How you can maintain continuity should the unexpected happen

    Interruptions and disasters only happen to someone else, right? It’s a view more common than you might think. The ‘outage’ – the dry term for the balloon going up – that hampers or stops your business will put you at an immediate and potentially crippling disadvantage.

    Business Interruption
  • 4 August 2015

    Great news for Solicitor practices in England and Wales

    We are excited to announce the arrival of a new 'A' rated insurer for solicitors this year.

    Solicitors Professional Indemnity
  • 31 July 2015

    Credit & Political Risk report and market update - July 2015

    The Arthur J. Gallagher Market Update for July 2015 summarises the changes in line structure and tenors available from commercial political risk insurers since our last report in January 2015. The summary reflects the outcome of reinsurance negotiations where renewals have been completed in the intervening period, as well as the arrival of any new insurers who have gained approval for their business plans and obtained sufficient capital allocations. Additionally, any changes to credit agencies’ rating of the insurers are detailed herein.

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