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5 October 2015

Arthur J. Gallagher launches mobile app to slash group travel admin burden and boost data accuracy

Arthur J. Gallagher launches mobile app to slash group travel admin burden and boost data accuracy
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Arthur J. Gallagher — the international broking division of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. outside of the United States — has launched TravelCert to cut the group travel administration burden faced by large organisations and counter the difficulties faced in providing accurate real-time data to insurers.

Developed in direct response to challenges faced by higher education clients — but equally applicable to other large not-for-profit and commercial businesses — Gallagher’s new group travel app has been designed by its specialist public sector and education division.

TravelCert is optimised for Android and iOS mobile devices and can be downloaded via Google Play and Apple Store. Users of other devices can utilise the online form via the TravelCert website 

Key benefits to organisations include:

  •          Easy identification of the number of travellers and their location at any one time;
  •          Enables users to directly input their travel details, emergency contact and other
             useful information;
  •          Automatically generates and issues all travel certificates within the scope of the
             group travel policy — where a user attempts to enter a trip which doesn’t comply
             with policy terms, for example to a restricted country, they will be referred 
    to their
             organisation’s insurance manager to deal with their request on an
             individual basis;
  •          Sends an email alert when a travel certificate has been issued;
  •          Sends referrals to insurance manager or office where additional clarification
  •          Enables provision of accurate and consistent travel data to insurers;
  •          Reduces number of ‘omissions’ when reporting travel data to insurers.

TravelCert enables individual users to:

  •          Log travel details and request a new travel certificate
  •          Store emergency contact details
  •          Save profile details negating need to re-key
  •          Access emergency assistance and claims contact details
  •          Download copies of insurance certificates
  •          View previous travel requests and certificates
  •          Complete details online via TravelCert website if choose not to use app


Tim Devine, Managing Director of Arthur J. Gallagher’s Public Sector & Education Practice, commented: “Some of our clients have literally thousands of student and staff journeys to manage every single year, which creates a huge administration burden with many essential tasks still carried out manually. This not only generates a massive drain on resources but increases the risk of inaccuracy and means information sits in a format that isn’t easy to analyse. A whole new challenge is then spawned when trying to collate accurate data for travel insurers.”

He added: “TravelCert removes the vast amount of this admin, as organisations will only have to handle any trips that fall outside the policy’s criteria, while simultaneously collating information into a downloadable database of robust, reliable and real-time data for insurers to facilitate both claims management and the renewal process.”

Vivek Banga, Chief Digital Officer at Arthur J. Gallagher, added: “While our higher education clients are the first to benefit from TravelCert, we’ve developed it with a much broader audience in mind. The optimised, intuitive interface and our ability to tailor the app to specific restrictions and features of each client’s group travel policy, mean both commercial and not-for-profit organisations can look forward to a big reduction in their administrative headaches.” 

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