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22 January 2015

Be Prepared : Winter Tips

Be Prepared : Winter Tips
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With Winter upon us, here are some helpful Winter tips to help protect your home/business.


  • Keep track of weather forecasts (via useful websites such as;
  • Check travel reports before setting out;
  • Familiarise yourself with your insurance policies and have contact information easily accessible.


  • Periodically inspect roofs and flashing;
  • Check vents, skylights and; signs to ensure that they are secure;
  • Ensure you know the location of stop cocks and hydrants on your premises;
  • Inspect any trees that are in close proximity to your building;
  • Store all stock off of the floor to prevent damage by flooding;
  • Clean roof gutters, down pipes and drainage gullies of snow and/or debris.

Important Note: Please exercise caution when undertaking inspections of elevated areas, particularly when there are windy conditions&/or ice/snow on the ground. Where appropriate, you should seek professional assistance from a trusted local tradesman.


  • Ensure vehicles are serviced and water levels, antifreeze and; screen wash are topped up;
  • Check the condition and pressure of tyres, including the spare;
  • Consider Winter tyres (or snow chains in more remote and snow prone areas)
  • Try to keep vehicles fully fuelled, in case of delays or diversions;
  • Consider routes and travel news before travelling;
  • Consider keeping other useful equipment in the vehicle, such as:
    • jump leads;
    • tow rope;
    • shovel;
    • first aid kit;
    • blankets;
    • coats;
    • high visibility bib/jacket
  • Charge mobile phones before travelling and/or keep a travel charger in your vehicle;
  • Ensure loads are safely secured during transit;
  • Keep your breakdown helpline numbers in your vehicle.

If you have any concerns at all regarding your insurance cover, please contact us on
020 7204 6000

If you would like to enquire about making a claim, please refer to the ‘Making a Claim’ section on our Claims page or call our helpdesk on 03330 100 799.

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