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6 June 2016

Arthur J. Gallagher unveils innovative crisis resilience solution

Arthur J. Gallagher unveils innovative crisis resilience solution
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Arthur J. Gallagher has responded to the dynamic and wide-ranging security crises that businesses face today with a cost-effective ‘security concierge service’. For only £500 a year — regardless of company size — the Crisis Resilience Solution will minimise serious disruption, financial loss or adverse publicity while enabling businesses to meet their legal duty of care to employees and members of the public exposed by such incidents. 

Paul Bassett, Managing Director of Crisis Management at Arthur J. Gallagher, said: “Any organisation could find itself impacted by any number of man-made threats at any time, such as being a target for cyber extortion, product tampering or blackmail or being inadvertently caught up in a terrorist incident. You don’t have to be a large, London-based business to be hit by a crisis and your legal obligation to safeguard those in your care, using your service or exposed to your activities remains the same whatever your size or geographic location.

“By offering 24/7 support wherever and whenever you need it, our solution will help organisations anticipate, prevent, respond to and recover from a wide variety of security crises through a powerful mix of online training, profiling and planning; on-the-ground support; emergency funding and post-incident recovery. It gives them the peace of mind to go about their day-to-day activities secure in the knowledge that they are cost-effectively addressing their duty of care to employees and the public while minimising the impact of a crises on their business.”

Key features include:

  • 24/7 response consultancy — instant access to on-the-ground consultancy support and expert advice, up to the value of £100,000 to help insureds make tough decisions in crisis situations regarding employee or the public’s welfare;
  • Emergency funds — immediate access to up to £5,000 triggered upon incident via automatically loadable chip and pin cards; 
  • Virtual online briefcase — access via online portal to all key business information, anytime and anywhere, with templated approach including risk profiles, crisis management plans and map-based asset register for key locations;
  • Online training & awareness — two free training videos on situational awareness and dealing with an active shooter, plus discounted access to many more tailored training facilities;
  • Trauma counselling — up to £5,000 of post-incident trauma counselling provided;
  • Business recovery advice — ongoing access to expert advice to return to business-as-usual with minimum impact.

Justin Priestley, Director of Crisis Management, added: “Recent events highlight the dynamic and wide-ranging security concerns that businesses face and the unpredictable nature, frequency and potential severity of man-made events cannot be underestimated. To best prepare and protect our clients it is essential we offer an integrated approach – one that places equal weight on risk identification and mitigation as it does on effective risk transfer.”

As Managing Director, Paul Bassett leads a newly integrated crisis management capability within Arthur J. Gallagher, which has brought together specialist expertise in crisis resilience, terrorism, political violence and kidnap & ransom to create a multi-disciplinary practice able to offer both global and UK-focused solutions.

The London-based practice will develop integrated solutions incorporating both risk management and broking services, tailored to meet the needs of different types and sizes of organisations – from complex and large multi-national clients to UK SMEs.

**Airmic: To learn more, come and meet Paul and Justin on Gallagher stand 86-89 

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