Small Business Insurance

We owe a lot to enterprise...In the private sector, more than 99 per cent of businesses employ less than 49 employees but together, they generate many billions of pounds for the economy. At Gallagher we understand enterprise and our teams are dedicated to sourcing and building business insurance packages that provide the best for the millions of people who work in SMEs every day.

As for tomorrow

We know that not all companies seek aggressive growth. Many of our clients value stability and want solutions that are competitive yet comprehensive.

But with our expertise on board, it is good to know you’ll also have the backing of people who understand how to secure the way ahead, whatever the scope of your ambitions. 

  • Delivering insurance solutions for individuals and small businesses to large multi-national organisations
  • Catering for your business needs from more than 70 locations throughout the UK
  • We cover a wide spectrum and scale of client risks from a position of extensive expertise and experience
  • We offer specialist claims and risk management services to help protect your business