Buddhist Temples Cover

Protecting your place of Worship: specialist Buddhist charity insurance that’s built around your needs

Buddhist Temple in Battersea Park

Gallagher’s Buddhist charity insurance services are tailor-made to take care of your temples, centres and businesses. We understand the risk and insurance issues unique to Buddhism, ensuring we deliver complete peace of mind that’s competitive, professional and thorough.

There’s more to Buddhist Charity insurance than just protecting your place of Worship. From buildings and contents cover through to your volunteers, congregation, community activity and affiliated business interests, the risks are unique and varied. That is why it makes sense to work with an expert Buddhist insurance and risk management partner that understands the nuances of your faith.

At Gallagher our specialist Buddhist Charity insurance and risk management team will help you specify and deploy the protections that help care for your charity. We have specialist faith insurance expertise acquired over many years - as well as the listening skills, technical knowledge and competitive buying power - that provide the flexible and cost effective covers upon which you rely.

We typically provide premium rates and terms of cover under a flexible long-term undertaking over three years that supports your cash flow and removes some of the uncertainty around future premium costs. 


In addition to comprehensive Buddhist Charity insurance for buildings, contents, business interruption, money and liability, our specialist cover highlights include:
  • Liability cover for satellite/regional groups and large events such as festivals, retreats or open days
  • Volunteers covered for building work
  • Personal public liability insurance for residents
  • Religious advice (Injury and financial loss)
  • Libel and slander insurance
  • Cover for religious artefacts and residents’ possessions
  • Hirer’s liability
  • Charity trustee indemnity insurance
  • Decontamination of own land
  • Money cover for higher limits plus widened employee dishonesty cover
  • Increased policy limits

In addition we provide free Buddhist risk management advice across all key risk areas.

Expertise, experience, service and respectful understanding sit at the heart of our approach. We have a proven track record delivering Buddhist insurance for charities across the country.

Come and talk to Gallagher for all your Buddhist Charity insurance needs.