Business Continuity Planning

Competitive edge is what keeps you one step ahead. But in an economic market where competition is high and effective differentiation highly prized, that edge can be undone quickly for the unprotected when suddenly struck by the unexpected.

two sets of hands doing calculations

Whether to combat the effects of fire, fraud, natural disaster, IP theft and infringement, supply chain issues or reputation threats, it makes sense to have business continuity options that ensure your business is robustly protected against the external risks that undermine your stability - and ability to recover. 

While it may feel like an extra burden when you have other priorities, a robust business continuity plan will ease some of the punishing pressures and decisions you and your people will face when your business most needs it. It will also provide extra competitive edge and peace of mind, demonstrating to customers and partners alike that you are ready for the unexpected.

Our highly qualified professionals take the time to understand your organisation, determine the right business continuity strategy, implement the responses and then maintain and review the plan over time.

  • Gap analysis: we audit your existing systems to identify potential omissions and weaknesses
  • Risk assessment and business impact: we analyse the threats and their likely effects
  • Design: we engineer end-to-end continuity strategies tailored to your business
  • Training: those who know the business best maintain continuity the best. We’ll train you and your people to deliver at the moment of truth
  • Testing and maintenance: a range of optimisation solutions to ensure the effectiveness of your existing continuity strategies
  • Online entry-level planning: web-based, self-service templates for smaller firms
  • 'Off the Mark planning': enables you to build your own plans in-house with occasional direction and technical input from our expert team.