Health & Safety Risk Management

Health & Safety as a legal requirement has been with us since 1974. Done right, it’s a potent differentiator that strengthens your tendering position, reduces downtime, cuts agency and temporary labour costs through fewer accidents.

Health & Safety Risk Management

We believe Health & Safety should support your business and should be built around its needs – it should not stifle it. From simple phone-based advice, to specific consultancy and training, we’ll help ensure your Health & Safety responsibilities sit hand in glove with your insurers’ expectations – affordably, accurately and sustainably.

Health & Safety management perfectly complements our business insurance expertise. Because insurers know and trust us, we’ll often have a positive impact on their attitudes and understanding of your business. This in turn could help reduce your business insurance premium ratings and/or improve policy terms and conditions. And where Health & Safety insurance claims are a major financial and administrative burden, we have the proven expertise and track record to identify and help you solve the underlying issues.

Our team of highly-qualified Health & Safety professionals will help you tune your policies in perfect, common sense harmony with your people and your business:
  • Gap analysis: we audit your existing processes to identify non-compliance with statutory regulation and any potential financial exposures – not only to the business but also to the directors personally too
  • Health & Safety design: we engineer end-to-end Health & Safety strategies, including competent person service and risk assessment completion at every level you need
  • Training: full training and communications advice that ensures best practice, not just the statutory minimum, becomes second nature for your people
  • Testing and maintenance: a range of optimisation processes to ensure the effectiveness of your existing Health & Safety programmes
  • Online entry-level planning: web-based, self-service Health & Safety templates for smaller firms

Like to find out how we can help you better integrate Health & Safety compliance with productivity, profitability and competitive edge? Then contact our team today.