The Broker Advantage

Some housing associations assume it’s better to deal with a single insurer. We’d like to explain why you’re better off with Gallagher!

Social Housing Insurance Broker

We’re independent & impartial

We’re not tied to any insurer, so we can seek out the right cover for your own needs, at the right price – from a choice of insurers, not just one. You can also get the benefit of wider, specialist expertise and an independent perspective from our risk management and claims management teams.

We write our own wordings

Because we know social housing inside-out, we understand what housing associations need. We write our own wordings, helping to ensure that your cover is relevant to your circumstances and your needs.

Sustainable pricing, sustainable cover

Through market testing and benchmarking, we can help to protect your costs and ensure premium sustainability. If necessary, we can rebroke your cover at any time. And, if you change suddenly (perhaps by acquiring more stock) and no longer suit your insurer, we can move your cover to more appropriate insurers.

Settling your insurance claims

We represent you, not your insurer. So we have a vested interest in helping you settle your claim as quickly and satisfactorily as possible – which is why we’ll work hard on your behalf. And we can settle most claims ourselves, quickly and without having to go back to the insurer.

Not every insurer can offer every type of insurance cover, whereas we’re more flexible. For example:
  • We offer cover which many insurers can’t, such as environmental
  • We offer options you won’t get elsewhere, such as fidelity & crime
  • With access to a choice of insurers, we have a wider menu to choose from
  • We can top up the insurance offered by trade associations
Why choose Gallagher as your insurance broker?
  • Independent, impartial advice
  • Better premium sustainability
  • Access to a wide range of insurers
  • Wider range of insurance cover
  • We write our own wordings
  • We’re on your side