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Specialist water treatment and hygiene solutions. Legionnaire’s disease is the potentially fatal infectious respiratory condition caused in the main by the legionella pneumophila bacterium.

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There were 359 cases reported across England and Wales in 2010, resulting in 38 fatalities – and provisional figures for 2011 record 239 cases with 20 fatalities*. Between 2007 and 2012, 71% of cases occurred in three main sectors: manufacturing, public services and local authorities**.

Cooling towers, hot and cold water systems, spa baths, showers and sprinkler systems are all typical areas of Legionella vulnerability and the bacterium is also found in natural water courses like rivers and ponds.

Health & Safety law is pretty clear on this subject. Your organisation must consider the risk from Legionella: assess the risk, prepare a scheme for preventative action, implement and manage the scheme effectively and keep records. And if you have a cooling tower on site, you must also notify your local authority.

What the law compels you to do is one thing; doing it in a way that mitigates the risk effectively is another. Through carefully selected partners, we have access to water treatment and hygiene solutions that minimise the risks of Legionella appearing on your facilities and on your watch.

Offering the peace of mind and risk protection you seek, our water treatment risk management services include:
  • Risk assessment: spanning Legionella and other water hygiene issues
  • Reporting: full technical support and guidance
  • Monitoring: ongoing water treatment programmes
  • Analysis: Legionella and microbiological testing
  • Remedial work: plumbing repairs, cleaning and disinfection
  • Treatment: installation and servicing of water treatment equipment
  • Support: access to Legionella Control Association approved contractors working to ISO 9001:2000

Like to find out how we can help you keep a lid on Legionella in your organisation or across your premises? Contact our team today.

*Health Protection Agency Infectious Diseases Archives, 2012
**HSE Legionella Outbreaks Survey, 2012